Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner!

Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner!

Sun Bingo - Everyone's a winner

Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner campaign is back on TV from 21st November to 30th November.  The offer for all new sign ups will be: Deposit £10 play with £40 plus 30 free spins plus win a share of £10k!  Sign up now to get this amazing offer. Click here

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Online Bingo Tips

Top 10 Ultimate Online Bingo Tips


Knowledge is a Bingo Bible

With today’s crowded online bingo market; it’s never easy to know which site to play. It’s even harder to know when the best time is to make that all important deposit, what times the high value games start, or even when the lower value games play. Read on for more interesting facts and all the top ten online bingo tips…

We are going to give you some online bingo tips on how to make the most of your bingo budget. Sounds great right? And the tips are good news when it comes to playing bingo.

Tip One – Free Bingo

Play the free games; the majority of bingo sites have them. By playing these types of games, it will give you a feel for the bingo home, get to know the bingo players and chat hosts, and basically you will get to know everything about the site. Giving you the knowledge of knowing if it’s the one for you, or not.

Tip Two – The Rules

Always follow the rules, they’re there to protect you and it’s good to stick to them. Check the terms and conditions, before you spend a single penny at any online bingo site. You will find out some interesting facts once you have read the T’s and C’s.

Tip Three – Friendly Users

When you’re chatting in the bingo rooms, be polite; be careful what you type into the chat box. Because sometimes words can be mis-understood and this could cause other members to feel offended. Keep your chat fun and user friendly. Other bingo players will love you for having a good positive nature.

Tip Four – The Bingo Lingo

It’s good to know what others are talking about in the chat room. Many online sites use bingo lingo, and they normally have a designated page, where players can read up on the meanings of the lingo. To new bingo players this language can seem double dutch, but once you practice the lingo, you will soon be a chat room pro.

Tip Five – Bingo Welcome Bonus

Nearly every single online bingo site on the planet offer new players a bingo welcome bonus. This is probably the biggest bingo bonus you will ever receive. Always check your text messages, on-site messages, Facebook, and emails because this is where all the tempting bonus offers will appear. Check out our list of best bingo bonus sites.

Tip Six – Bingo Chat Games

Play the chat games because if you’re lucky enough to win some, you will be rewarded with small bonuses. It only takes one ticket to win at bingo, and the rewards players receive for winning chat games, could just be the money that makes you win big.

Tip Seven – High Value Prizes

If you like to play for higher prize stakes, then it’s best to play the games in the evening. Peak times are normally between 6pm and 11pm. This is when the prizes will be much higher than normal. If you’re on a tight budget, then just buy a few cards for each game. Make your money spin out, and you never know you just might win some serious cash, and you will have stayed within your budget at the same time.

Tip Eight – Lower Value Prize Money

You might be a player who prefers to play lower value games, where the ticket price is small. If this is the case, play during the day and at night time, this is when the rooms are very quiet. You may only win small amounts of money, but your bingo balance will soon grow.

Tip Nine – Really Good Bingo Reload Bonuses

Once you have become an established player at any online bingo site, then there is a high chance that you will be offered reload bonuses. What this means is that every time you make a deposit, you will be offered an extra bonus to say thank you for your loyalty.

The bingo reload bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and range from 50% through to 200%. This will vary from site to site, but remember to claim them, because every little helps. Remember there will be wagering rules that will come with these types of bonuses, and if you’re not sure what these rules are, then read the T’s and C’s.

Tip Ten – Bingo Withdrawals

Remember to make a regular withdrawal, that’s if you’re winning at bingo. Some people love the game so much, that they never ever cash out. It’s good to send some of your winnings to your bank, because this means you will have gained some returns on the money you have spent.


The main points from our online bingo tips is to get the best for your money, remember to claim your first depositing bonus, your reload rewards and any other offers that come your way. Chat with fellow players; get to them, and the host, play the chat games and stay friendly at all times.

Play free online bingo games, because if you win with this money, it won’t have cost you a single penny. Play games of lower value, but play a few higher value games too. Basically watch your budget and remember to withdraw some cash to your bank, that’s if you win. Remember to check out the withdrawal rules and play responsibly.

Knowledge is important when playing bingo, use our online bingo tips and you never know you could be smiling all the way to the bingo bank!

How to Make Your Bingo Budget Last

3 Steps on How to Make Your Bingo Budget Last

We Love Winning
Everyone loves to be a winner, when playing online bingo.  But some people might not know how to make their bingo budget last.   When a bingo player wins, the feeling is amazing, but it’s even better if they won, knowing they did it, while making their funds last. We are going to explain how to achieve this below.

Step 1. –  Sign Up Bonus:
When a player registers at a bingo site, they are sometimes offered a free bonus, before they spend a single penny.   So, you may be asking yourself, how does it work? Or you may already know the answer.  We are going to explain the ‘Sign Up’ procedure, and how to claim your reward below:

•Register at the bingo site
•Check your emails for confirmation
•Verify who you are, and check your bingo balance.
If your sign up bonus isn’t in your account, then contact support or live help.  They will be able to assist you, but the reward is usually credited instantly, after registration has been verified.

£10 Free No Deposit Required
The sign up bonus is normally around £10.00, so before you spend a penny, you will have £10.00 in your account.  Your next step is to check out the bingo site, and see if they have free bingo games available to non funded players.  So let’s crack on to step 2. and read about the free games.

Step 2. –  Free Bingo Games:
We will imagine you have checked the bingo site and they offer the free games.  Now check out the times that the games play, and play as many games as possible.   There is normally only a limited amount of games available, and these are at certain times.  So make sure you are there, on time to play the freebies.

If you win, then this means you will have even more money in your bingo balance.  If you like the site, then it’s time to make your first deposit.   When newbie’s spend money at an online bingo site for the first time, they will get a welcome bonus.  If you don’t know what this type of bonus is, then follow me to step 3.

Step 3. –  Welcome Bonus
These types of bonuses vary from site to site.   This type of bonus is a reward given to bingo players, for depositing money at bingo sites.  So, say you deposited £10, and got another £30 bonus because this is your first time making a deposit.  Then you will have £40 worth of play, and any money that you may have won, playing the free bingo games.

Having the welcome bonus allows you to get to know the bingo site, check out the chat rooms, and try out the games.  This will help you decide if this is the bingo home for you or not.  We will imagine that you have played all the free games and won £25.00, you got a £30.00 welcome bonus, and your initial £10.00 deposit, and this would make your current balance £65.00.

Tips On The Best Times To Play
Now is the time to really make your money last, and what to do next is detailed below:
•Play Free Games
•Play at quieter times (Lower Value Games) because your chances of winning will be higher.  The quieter times are normally between 8am – 9am, 11am – 6pm, 11pm – 12am, and then through the night.

•Play one or two jackpot games, because if you win one of these, then you may be able to request a withdrawal, and still have funds in your account to play even more games.

•Play some games during peak times (6pm -10pm), because again, if you win your balance will be higher.

The Bingo Budget Steps
If you follow the above steps, you should be able to manage your budget and make it last longer.  Who knows you might even win!  Everyone loves being a winner, because if you scoop enough cash, you might just be smiling all the way to the bank!

Iceland Bingo Bring Back Their £10 Voucher!

Great news for all ‘Iceland Bingo’ fans because they have brought back the ever so popular ten pounds free shopping  voucher.  It was just a few months ago that Iceland stopped giving away this incentive to their players and they replaced this offer with a slots bonus.  But have no fear because it’s back, with the many other offers they give to new and regular customers, this is just another way of saying  thank you to their players for their loyalty.

The £10 voucher is on offer to all new customers who can spend it in the supermarket, this will certainly help with the shopping bill.   Players will also receive a huge 300% bonus.  This means if you  deposit ten pounds, you get another thirty free.  With the Iceland bingo saying “That’s why Mum’s go to Iceland’ many of the sites new players will certainly be heading to the shop to fill their freezers with the free offerings.

This bingo site has shown to be very popular and has been around for some time but even though it’s part of the Dragonfish Network Iceland Bingo operates as a standalone site, in their own right really.   They offer their own rooms, bonuses and tons of EXCLUSIVE goodies too!

You can play 90 and 75 ball games with a wide variety of special rooms, where you might be lucky enough to scoop up a jackpot or two, if you’re lucky!  Play some fabulous games like; slots and bingo from your mobile or online too.

When you sign up to Iceland Bingo, Make sure you register your correct address.  This is to ensure you don’t miss your £10 shopping voucher.   Keep your eyes peeled for exciting and fun games from this online site because there are loads to do and win at this number one bingo site.

You will never get bored at Iceland because they’re are £3K jackpot tournaments, bingo competitions, big jackpot cash games, £10K bonanza games, penny bingo and they also have ‘Daily Voucher Hours’ too.   All you have to do to win this game is call bingo on the full house game between 8pm – 9pm and you will collect a nice £5 food voucher!

Join Iceland Bingo Now! – Will you fill your freezer full of food and maybe even fill your bank account with cash if you win?  The only way to find out is to register today!

Best Bingo Bonuses around!

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