Online Bingo Site Safety

Online Bingo Site Safety – How to know if an online bingo site is safe!

With so many bingo sites on the market today, it’s never an easy task to make sure that the one you play on is a safe one. But don’t worry, because we are going to explain to you exactly how to detect if you’re bingo home is safe or not. We have compiled a small check list, that will come in very handy when you’re checking to see if you’re in safe hands or not.

1. Check Out the Reviews
First of all, head straight to Google search engine, type in the name of the website you want to check. Example “Bingocams”, hit the enter key, and then a list of reviews should appear, click on them one by one, and read what other players have said about the bingo site. If these reviews are good, then you can find peace of mind knowing that your bingo home is a safe one. But if they are bad reviews, then don’t play at that bingo site, run and don’t go back.

Don’t get me wrong, many online UK bingo sites will receive the odd one or two bad reviews, but if the site you’re checking out has more than 10 bad reviews, then it’s probably not a safe site to play.

2. Regulated License
It’s never easy to find, the Licence details on a website, but if you go to the ‘about me’ page you will find out if the site has a proper licence or not. It’s the law now that all UK online bingo sites must have one. If you can’t find any information on the site regarding this, then don’t spend any money, leave immediately, and never visit that site again.

The good news is that most of the best online bingo sites do have a licence, but you can never be too sure. It’s always best to check, because there is always someone who thinks they can get away with not having one.

3. The Wagering Rules
The wagering requirements is always the one to watch out for, because the rules can be confusing and frustrating for bingo players to understand. We will give you an example of a good wagering rule below, this is so you fully understand the meaning of the wagering required by online bingo sites.

Example of a good wagering condition
•Player deposits £10
•Receives a £20 Bonus – They have £30 to play!
•Wagering requires them to wager 2x their bonus that they received

This means that you only have to bet/play a total of £40, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just buy online bingo tickets, and the more you play, then the closer you will get to meet the wagering condition, and hopefully get a successful withdrawal.

Some online bingo sites require their members to wager their deposit plus bonus funds, which is fine if they’re asking a reasonable request. But watch out for any online bingo site that requires their players to wager more than 7x deposit and bonus, this is way too high, and very hard to achieve.

There are more signs that online bingo players need to check out, regarding any online bingo site, to ensure that it’s a good one to play. We have covered the most important top three tips. If you stick to these then you should have a great online gaming experience and have peace of mind knowing that you’re playing on a n online bingo site that is safe and secure.

Play Safe, Be Secure But Most of all Have Fun!

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