Overcome a losing streak playing online bingo

Overcome a losing streak playing online bingo

If you’re an online bingo lover then you are bound to have had this experience at least once.  That is when your winning numbers just don’t come up.   Online bingo is a fun game, but it’s not so much fun when you’re on a losing streak.  Read on, and find out how to overcome this losing feeling…

Take Time Out

If you have been losing time and time again, you will likely get exasperated.  That feeling will eventually take all the fun out of playing the online bingo games.   When you experience disappointment from playing, it’s time to step back.  Try taking a breather and re-think your strategy.

Don’t Think About Your Losses

Try not to think about your losses, and don’t chase them.  Attempt to recover from them, and stay well within your budget.   There is a fairly good chance that you will win your money back, well at least some of it.  So never give up, just take some time away from the game, and hopefully, when you return to playing bingo, your luck may change.

Don’t increase your Budget

When you’re on a losing streak it’s possible that you might want to increase the amount of money that you deposit at an online bingo site.  This is because you may think that you will win your money back, but this is not always the case.

Follow the steps below to increase your chances of winning:

• Play games with fewer players (Higher chance of winning)

• Buy less tickets (This will decrease your chances of winning, but it will stop your budget from decreasing quickly, it only takes one card to win)

• Play Free Games (If you win, then your balance will grow, enabling you to play higher value games)

• Try playing a few jackpot/guaranteed jackpots (Play just a few of these types of games, this will save you spending a fortune, and if you win, then you will be quids in)

• Play a few high value games (If you win playing these types of games, then your balance will be bigger, allowing you to withdraw, or play more games)

There’s Always A Solution

If you stick to the above suggestions, you cannot go wrong.  You may find that your spirit will lift, and the fun factor may come back into playing online bingo.  It’s a well known fact that if you play games with fewer bingo players, your chances of winning at bingo are much higher.

Get To Know Your Buddies

Another tip that will lift your mood if you’re losing at bingo, is to chat with fellow buddies.  Get to know them and have fun!  We are sure you will start winning again, in no time at all.

Have A Cuppa – Enjoy!

If you have been playing at bingo sites for more than two hours and haven’t won anything, step away from playing and have a cuppa and a breather.   Follow our guidelines above on how to win, even when your luck is down, and we are sure you will be jumping off your chair with delight in no time.

Bingo Tips

Never play bingo for hours, if you’re losing.   Never spend more money than you can afford, and most importantly of all, have the best time ever, after all you’re supposed to be having fun!

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