Learn the UK Bingo Lingo

Learn The UK Bingo Lingo

The first time a newbie joins an online bingo site it can be very confusing, especially if they have no knowledge of the chat room lingo.   Many online players take it for granted that everyone knows the bingo lingo, but sometimes this is not the case.  Being a newbie isn’t always an easy task, unless someone points them in the direction of the page on the bingo site that will explain this to them.  But don’t worry if no one does point you to the explanation page because you will soon be joining in with the other players because it doesn’t take long to pick it up.

The Chat Room
Just imagine being in the chat room and players are all chatting and saying things like “Wtg” for most they will know that this means Way To Go and this is something that would be said to a bingo winner.  But for the Newbie this could mean anything and the language could look as though it’s foreign to them, in other words Double Dutch!

Lingo Explanations
I am going to explain some of the ‘Lingo’ and I hope this article will assist new bingo players in helping them to understanding what it all means.   I am going to start with the most popular one of all and that is the CM, this simply means Chat Moderator or CH on some sites which means Chat Host.  The CM is the person who will meet and greet you, when you enter the room and if you have any questions be sure to ask them because they have all the knowledge concerning the site and the lingo!

Before, During And After The Game
When the bingo game is about to begin you may see encouraging words like GL from the CM and the roomies.   What this means is Good Luck with your bingo cards.   The game has just begun and you may see players post into the chat room 3tg, 2tg and 1tg, this means they are waiting on 3, 2 or 1 number to win the bingo game.  1tg = One to go and so on.  When the game has been won you may see the CM and the players congratulating the winner(s) by saying either WD (Well Done) or WTG (Way To Go).

Emoticons and Lucky Dust
Many chat rooms have a vast range of emoticons that you can use to add to your messages, from cups of coffee, birthday cake to smiling faces!  You may see the CM or CH throw lucky dust into the chat box just before the game begins, this means he/she is wishing all players good luck for the next round of bingo.

Other Lingo Meanings
There are many other ‘Lingos’ and some include the following; Brb (Be right back) Lol (Laugh out loud), ROFL (Rolling on floor laughing), OMG ( Oh MY God) and TY (Thank you).  If you follow the lingo explanations in this article you won’t go wrong and you will soon be chatting away, making new friends, while playing the all time favourite online game, called BINGO!
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