Do More Females Play Bingo Than Men?

Why Do More Females Play Bingo Than Men?

The Reason Why More Females Play Bingo Than Men

Its’ a well known fact that there are more female bingo players than male ones. But why is this the case? We hear this question a lot, and it’s quite easy to answer. The reason that more women play bingo, than men is because 85% of online players are female, and this is due to many countries that still view the game as a woman’s game.

Times Are Changing When men visited bingo halls, some people considered this unusual, but only because of the myth behind it, that bingo is a female’s game. But times are changing, and we are seeing more and more men joining in, but the ladies still outweigh the men, when participating in the online bingo games. Read some of our interesting facts below:

Stay at Home Mothers

Many mums who stay at home to look after their children, tend to love playing online bingo. They may be unemployed, only work part-time, or just love staying at home. Whatever the reason, according to statistics woman love the low cost involved when playing online bingo, and there is very little risk involved.

Playing in Comfort

There is no better feeling than sitting at home, playing the game you love called bingo. Before online bingo evolved, players had to get dressed and attend a bingo club, so they could enjoy playing bingo. Some people still venture out to the bingo clubs, but these days, the majority of women stay at home, and play online bingo.

Mobile Bingo

Mobile is taking over, and you will find that most ladies like to play the games on the move. Even if they’re shopping, some take their mobiles with them, So that they never miss a single game. You don’t see many males playing bingo while shopping (Ha-ha)

Stigma Behind Men Playing Bingo

Even these days, there still appears to be a stigma behind men playing bingo. This dates back to the times when the games were only played in churches (For Charity Reasons). The male population in those days, were too embarrassed to venture out to participate in the game, this was because they feared they would get ridiculed from their peers.

Playing in Disguise

We have heard that some male bingo players do create accounts, in female names, to escape the stigma that is still around today. Even though some men play, and are not affected by the stigma, it just goes to show that some men still feel embarrassed to play, or admit that they enjoy playing online bingo.

Facts on Why Females Prefer Bingo More Than Men

• If you check out the majority of UK online bingo sites, you will notice that the majority of them have a feminine look and feel to it.

•There are even more women in gaming jobs than ever before, and they are also bingo players too.

• When female bingo players deposit online, it can be cheaper than venturing out to play in the bingo halls. Because the minimum amount that is needed on most online sites, is only £5. Where if you went to a bingo hall to play, it would more than likely cost you much more.

• The bingo game to women, is the best game in the world, they enjoy the whole experience. Because it’s not just about playing the game, they enjoy the chatter, meeting new friends, and interacting with everyone. The proof of this is in the statistics, that women enjoy the whole bingo experience, compared to men!

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