Online Bingo Tips

Top 10 Ultimate Online Bingo Tips


Knowledge is a Bingo Bible

With today’s crowded online bingo market; it’s never easy to know which site to play. It’s even harder to know when the best time is to make that all important deposit, what times the high value games start, or even when the lower value games play. Read on for more interesting facts and all the top ten online bingo tips…

We are going to give you some online bingo tips on how to make the most of your bingo budget. Sounds great right? And the tips are good news when it comes to playing bingo.

Tip One – Free Bingo

Play the free games; the majority of bingo sites have them. By playing these types of games, it will give you a feel for the bingo home, get to know the bingo players and chat hosts, and basically you will get to know everything about the site. Giving you the knowledge of knowing if it’s the one for you, or not.

Tip Two – The Rules

Always follow the rules, they’re there to protect you and it’s good to stick to them. Check the terms and conditions, before you spend a single penny at any online bingo site. You will find out some interesting facts once you have read the T’s and C’s.

Tip Three – Friendly Users

When you’re chatting in the bingo rooms, be polite; be careful what you type into the chat box. Because sometimes words can be mis-understood and this could cause other members to feel offended. Keep your chat fun and user friendly. Other bingo players will love you for having a good positive nature.

Tip Four – The Bingo Lingo

It’s good to know what others are talking about in the chat room. Many online sites use bingo lingo, and they normally have a designated page, where players can read up on the meanings of the lingo. To new bingo players this language can seem double dutch, but once you practice the lingo, you will soon be a chat room pro.

Tip Five – Bingo Welcome Bonus

Nearly every single online bingo site on the planet offer new players a bingo welcome bonus. This is probably the biggest bingo bonus you will ever receive. Always check your text messages, on-site messages, Facebook, and emails because this is where all the tempting bonus offers will appear. Check out our list of best bingo bonus sites.

Tip Six – Bingo Chat Games

Play the chat games because if you’re lucky enough to win some, you will be rewarded with small bonuses. It only takes one ticket to win at bingo, and the rewards players receive for winning chat games, could just be the money that makes you win big.

Tip Seven – High Value Prizes

If you like to play for higher prize stakes, then it’s best to play the games in the evening. Peak times are normally between 6pm and 11pm. This is when the prizes will be much higher than normal. If you’re on a tight budget, then just buy a few cards for each game. Make your money spin out, and you never know you just might win some serious cash, and you will have stayed within your budget at the same time.

Tip Eight – Lower Value Prize Money

You might be a player who prefers to play lower value games, where the ticket price is small. If this is the case, play during the day and at night time, this is when the rooms are very quiet. You may only win small amounts of money, but your bingo balance will soon grow.

Tip Nine – Really Good Bingo Reload Bonuses

Once you have become an established player at any online bingo site, then there is a high chance that you will be offered reload bonuses. What this means is that every time you make a deposit, you will be offered an extra bonus to say thank you for your loyalty.

The bingo reload bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and range from 50% through to 200%. This will vary from site to site, but remember to claim them, because every little helps. Remember there will be wagering rules that will come with these types of bonuses, and if you’re not sure what these rules are, then read the T’s and C’s.

Tip Ten – Bingo Withdrawals

Remember to make a regular withdrawal, that’s if you’re winning at bingo. Some people love the game so much, that they never ever cash out. It’s good to send some of your winnings to your bank, because this means you will have gained some returns on the money you have spent.


The main points from our online bingo tips is to get the best for your money, remember to claim your first depositing bonus, your reload rewards and any other offers that come your way. Chat with fellow players; get to them, and the host, play the chat games and stay friendly at all times.

Play free online bingo games, because if you win with this money, it won’t have cost you a single penny. Play games of lower value, but play a few higher value games too. Basically watch your budget and remember to withdraw some cash to your bank, that’s if you win. Remember to check out the withdrawal rules and play responsibly.

Knowledge is important when playing bingo, use our online bingo tips and you never know you could be smiling all the way to the bingo bank!

Gala Bingo Exclusive Mug and New Bonus

Gala Bingo Exclusive Mug and New Bonus

Gala Bingo’s New Welcome Bonus
When new players join Gala Bingo, and deposit only £10 they will play with £35.00! That’s not all, because newbies also get a free Emmerdale Mug. This is a great gift, and we think the bonus is amazing too. And fans of the TV soap will absolutely love their exclusive gift!

To claim your welcome bonus, all you have to do is spend £10 on bingo tickets. Then your bonus will kick in. This is good because it means that new members can explore the site with this big bonus. This will give you a feel of the site, like getting to know the chat host, fellow players, and the games.

Have a Cuppa on Gala Bingo
It’s refreshing when we hear about an online bingo site, that are giving away a bonus plus a gift. This specially designed mug will adorn any PC desk or work station, full of tea or coffee. Enjoy your drink while you play and hopefully win at Gala Bingo.

Three Special Rewards
Gala Bingo just love spoiling their players and it shows in many ways. We like the fact that new users get a £25 bonus, a free mug and also free bingo games! That’s three amazing special treats for their players. It’s no wonder that in their advert, they sing Galalala, because these offers certainly are worth singing about!

Free Bingo
When new players register at this bingo home, they get exclusive access to the ‘Newbies’ room, for the first 7 days from registration. The room opens for four hours every day, from 12pm to 2pm, and then again from 6pm to 8pm.

There are £25 prize pots on offer for every game, and there are 12 games per hour. They pay out over £10,000 in free bonus prize money in the whole week. Most players love the free bingo games, and we are sure they are going to love what Gala Bingo has to offer!

Claim Your Mug
So, for all those Emmerdale fans out there, head to Gala Bingo today, and claim your very own exclusive Emmerdale mug. You might have to hurry though, because we don’t think the stock will last very long!

Free Exciting Offers
We really love Gala Bingo’s new welcome offer, and we think you will love it too. What’s not to like, when you get so much for depositing only £10.
Free Welcome Bonus – Free Emmerdale Mug! – Free bingo!

Everything’s looking good at Gala Bingo; we think you should try it out today! Especially because they are giving so much away.

Do More Females Play Bingo Than Men?

Why Do More Females Play Bingo Than Men?

The Reason Why More Females Play Bingo Than Men

Its’ a well known fact that there are more female bingo players than male ones. But why is this the case? We hear this question a lot, and it’s quite easy to answer. The reason that more women play bingo, than men is because 85% of online players are female, and this is due to many countries that still view the game as a woman’s game.

Times Are Changing When men visited bingo halls, some people considered this unusual, but only because of the myth behind it, that bingo is a female’s game. But times are changing, and we are seeing more and more men joining in, but the ladies still outweigh the men, when participating in the online bingo games. Read some of our interesting facts below:

Stay at Home Mothers

Many mums who stay at home to look after their children, tend to love playing online bingo. They may be unemployed, only work part-time, or just love staying at home. Whatever the reason, according to statistics woman love the low cost involved when playing online bingo, and there is very little risk involved.

Playing in Comfort

There is no better feeling than sitting at home, playing the game you love called bingo. Before online bingo evolved, players had to get dressed and attend a bingo club, so they could enjoy playing bingo. Some people still venture out to the bingo clubs, but these days, the majority of women stay at home, and play online bingo.

Mobile Bingo

Mobile is taking over, and you will find that most ladies like to play the games on the move. Even if they’re shopping, some take their mobiles with them, So that they never miss a single game. You don’t see many males playing bingo while shopping (Ha-ha)

Stigma Behind Men Playing Bingo

Even these days, there still appears to be a stigma behind men playing bingo. This dates back to the times when the games were only played in churches (For Charity Reasons). The male population in those days, were too embarrassed to venture out to participate in the game, this was because they feared they would get ridiculed from their peers.

Playing in Disguise

We have heard that some male bingo players do create accounts, in female names, to escape the stigma that is still around today. Even though some men play, and are not affected by the stigma, it just goes to show that some men still feel embarrassed to play, or admit that they enjoy playing online bingo.

Facts on Why Females Prefer Bingo More Than Men

• If you check out the majority of UK online bingo sites, you will notice that the majority of them have a feminine look and feel to it.

•There are even more women in gaming jobs than ever before, and they are also bingo players too.

• When female bingo players deposit online, it can be cheaper than venturing out to play in the bingo halls. Because the minimum amount that is needed on most online sites, is only £5. Where if you went to a bingo hall to play, it would more than likely cost you much more.

• The bingo game to women, is the best game in the world, they enjoy the whole experience. Because it’s not just about playing the game, they enjoy the chatter, meeting new friends, and interacting with everyone. The proof of this is in the statistics, that women enjoy the whole bingo experience, compared to men!

Bingo Questions

Top 5 Most Popular Bingo Questions Asked

What is The Legal Age to Play Bingo?
If you’re a regular bingo player, then you will know that the legal age to play bingo is 18 years of age in the UK.  If you’re new to bingo, then you may not know the answer.  So, the answer is that all people of 18 years and over can play bingo for money.

How Much Does Bingo Cards Cost?
The price of cards varies from site to site, and it all depends on which games you’re playing too.   Prices can range from £0.01 to £1.00 each.  If you are playing for a high stake, such like £1,000 game, then the price will be more than likely between £0.50 to £1.00 each.

Sometimes bingo games are free, and many online bingo sites give their players some free bingo, as a way of saying thank you for their loyalty.  The members usually get six free cards each per game, which makes it fair on everyone participating.  This means everyone has the same chance of winning.

Is My Bank Card Safe?
Many online bingo sites have secure and safe banking in place.  When the online bingo industry first evolved, there were minor issues with players debit and credit card transactions.  But the good news is that technology has come a long way, and we can safely say that it’s safe to use your credit or debit card at an online bingo site.

Are The Bingo Games Fixed?
Bingo is a game of chance, and it’s just your luck if you win.  Online bingo games are electronic with a number generator, and there is no way possible that anyone can cheat. Some bingo players often say that ‘It’s a Fix’ but this is not possible.

Sometimes bingo members will see the same people winning over and over, but normally they are winning because they have bought maximum cards into the game.  But even though it may seem like they are raking in the money, they probably are losing more than they are actually winning.  This is because maximum cards can be expensive, and even if you buy maximum cards, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win every single game or even any games at all.

If I Win How Will I Get My Winnings?
If you deposited using a debit card, then you win and want to withdraw some of your cash, then the money would be sent to your bank.  But let’s assume you don’t have a bank account, and you had to use another method of payment, like Ukash, then your winnings would be sent to by cheque.  But it all depends on which payment method you use, and there is a wide variety of payment options available at online bingo sites.

There are many questions asked on a daily basis, concerning the online bingo game, but one thing to always remember is help is always at hand.   If you have any questions, then contact your bingo sites support team.  We are sure they will be happy to assist you.


Top Five Online Bingo Tips

Top Five Online Bingo Tips

Let Us Teach You
When it comes to playing online bingo, it’s never easy to figure out the best options.  With so many sites on the market, an abundance of bonus offers, and a wide variety of games available, it can become confusing on which site to play.  We will teach you, on how to increase your chances of winning.  Like what you have read so far? Read on…

Top Tops Overview
We are going to give you 5 top tips that will assist you in deciding which bingo site suits you best, and the best options to look for. We will talk about tips on buying tickets, right through to the best bonuses for you.

The Bingo Site That Suits You
Tip One
There are tons of bingo sites out there, so we suggest once you have found the one that you think you might like to call your home, check out the reviews on Google.  If the reviews are good, then you’re safe to try out the site.

Wagering Rules
Tip Two
Read the T & C’s and if the wagering requirements are more than 4x bonus, then don’t deposit, because it will more than likely mean your chances of withdrawing money from this site, will be virtually impossible.  But if they are below 4x bonus or less, then you’re in good hands.

Welcome Bonus
Tip Three
Before you make your first deposit, find out what your welcome bonus will be,  You normally find this information on the homes page of the bingo site.  If it’s a big enough bonus for you, then it’s time to make that all important deposit.

The Bingo Games
Tip Four
If your bingo home has a good variety of bingo games available, then this will allow you to be able to try them all out, and find out which one you like best.  Some gaming sites offer free bingo to their players, and this is a great way of playing for nothing.  If you win then you will be quid’s in, and it won’t have cost you a single penny!

Best Times To Play
Tip Five
If you want to stick to your bingo budget, then you need to find out the best times to play, this will help you make your budget last longer.

•Play games during quieter times
•Play free games, as many as possible
•Play a few games during peak times and if you win, then your balance will be higher
•Play a few Jackpot games, but not too many, because you don’t want to blow your budget.
• Play chat games, the free bonus money will certainly help boost your bingo balance, if you win.
•Don’t max out when buying tickets, stick to between 6-12 each.  But if you win then you will be able to buy even more.

There are many tips and strategies that can be used when playing online bingo, to increase your chances of winning.  But we all know that bingo is a game of chance, and no one should spend more than they can afford.  Play sensibly, enjoy your game, and most of all have an excellent gaming experience.  Check out the best online bingo sites to play at:

How to Make Your Bingo Budget Last

3 Steps on How to Make Your Bingo Budget Last

We Love Winning
Everyone loves to be a winner, when playing online bingo.  But some people might not know how to make their bingo budget last.   When a bingo player wins, the feeling is amazing, but it’s even better if they won, knowing they did it, while making their funds last. We are going to explain how to achieve this below.

Step 1. –  Sign Up Bonus:
When a player registers at a bingo site, they are sometimes offered a free bonus, before they spend a single penny.   So, you may be asking yourself, how does it work? Or you may already know the answer.  We are going to explain the ‘Sign Up’ procedure, and how to claim your reward below:

•Register at the bingo site
•Check your emails for confirmation
•Verify who you are, and check your bingo balance.
If your sign up bonus isn’t in your account, then contact support or live help.  They will be able to assist you, but the reward is usually credited instantly, after registration has been verified.

£10 Free No Deposit Required
The sign up bonus is normally around £10.00, so before you spend a penny, you will have £10.00 in your account.  Your next step is to check out the bingo site, and see if they have free bingo games available to non funded players.  So let’s crack on to step 2. and read about the free games.

Step 2. –  Free Bingo Games:
We will imagine you have checked the bingo site and they offer the free games.  Now check out the times that the games play, and play as many games as possible.   There is normally only a limited amount of games available, and these are at certain times.  So make sure you are there, on time to play the freebies.

If you win, then this means you will have even more money in your bingo balance.  If you like the site, then it’s time to make your first deposit.   When newbie’s spend money at an online bingo site for the first time, they will get a welcome bonus.  If you don’t know what this type of bonus is, then follow me to step 3.

Step 3. –  Welcome Bonus
These types of bonuses vary from site to site.   This type of bonus is a reward given to bingo players, for depositing money at bingo sites.  So, say you deposited £10, and got another £30 bonus because this is your first time making a deposit.  Then you will have £40 worth of play, and any money that you may have won, playing the free bingo games.

Having the welcome bonus allows you to get to know the bingo site, check out the chat rooms, and try out the games.  This will help you decide if this is the bingo home for you or not.  We will imagine that you have played all the free games and won £25.00, you got a £30.00 welcome bonus, and your initial £10.00 deposit, and this would make your current balance £65.00.

Tips On The Best Times To Play
Now is the time to really make your money last, and what to do next is detailed below:
•Play Free Games
•Play at quieter times (Lower Value Games) because your chances of winning will be higher.  The quieter times are normally between 8am – 9am, 11am – 6pm, 11pm – 12am, and then through the night.

•Play one or two jackpot games, because if you win one of these, then you may be able to request a withdrawal, and still have funds in your account to play even more games.

•Play some games during peak times (6pm -10pm), because again, if you win your balance will be higher.

The Bingo Budget Steps
If you follow the above steps, you should be able to manage your budget and make it last longer.  Who knows you might even win!  Everyone loves being a winner, because if you scoop enough cash, you might just be smiling all the way to the bank!

New Bingo Site The Prize Finder Bingo

New Bingo Site The Prize Finder Bingo Has Arrived

Roll Up – Roll Up – Read All About it!
If you’re a fan of bingo competitions, then ThePrizeFinder might be the site for you.   We had heard it was opening up and now it has!  The site is said to be dedicated to finding the BEST competitions to deliver to their bingo fans.  It was only a matter of time before they went that step further, and took their love of competitions and brought them to the online bingo world.  Let’s take out our looking glass, and look into this new site even further.

The Prize Finder Bingo is a brand new site, powered by Cozy games, the same software that has tons of sites behind their belt. They have popular sites such like; Landmark Bingo and Eat.Sleep.Bingo and Cozy are well known for delivering the ultimate gaming experience, to their online players.  So, this can only mean one thing, and that is this new site, is sure to be a huge hit in the over-crowded bingo market.

It’s under starters order and first off, when you register at this bingo site, and leave your debit card details, you will get a free £10, where no deposit is required.  Having this free money will allow players to get a feel of the games, the site, and getting to know the other players too.  It’s always good to try out any bingo site, before you spend a single penny.  This allows users to find out if this is the one for them or not.

Lucky And Exciting Games
There are tons of games available for players to enjoy from 30 ball bingo through to 90 ball bingo.  You will never get bored because there are tons to do at this NEW bingo site.

Find Your Game From The List Below

  • 90-ball bingo
  • 80-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • 50-ball bingo
  • 30-ball bingo
  • Casino games
  • Scratch Cards
  • Slots

Prized Newbie Bonuses
Apart from the £10 free bonus that players get when they register at this bingo home, there are also a massive amount of bonuses on offer, for first, second and third time depositors.  Just when you though this site couldn’t get any better, then you can think again because the bonuses are by far the largest.   You can see for yourself below!

Deposit only £10 and you will qualify for these bonuses on your first three deposits.
– 1st Time Bonus – 500%
– 2nd Time Bonus – 350%
– 3rd Time Bonus – 300%
– Reload Bonuses are available, but these vary depending on the amount that players have deposited.  There are also cash rewards that members can accept instead of bonus, and if you don’t want to accept any of the bonuses or cash, then you don’t have to.

Another great attraction at The Prize Finder Bingo site is the fact that members can play some Slot games and other types with your bonuses.  We think this is a great idea, especially considering the amount of players who like to play both Bingo and Slots.  There is nothing worse, when players run out of cash and really fancy playing slots, well at this bingo site you don’t need cash to play them, simply use your bonuses and enjoy the spinning the reels.

ThePrizeFinder Bingo home has an abundance of promotions and these are shared with other sites within the Live Bingo network.  Some of them include: Daily Raffle Fiesta and all you have to do to get a piece of the action is make a matching deposit, and you will qualify to be entered into the raffle draw.   The winners win bonuses and cash prizes, and every day has a different deposit amount that has to be matched.  They also have ‘Cash Back Splash’ where 20% is up for grabs on your weekly deposits.  Getting splashed with some extra cash, sounds good to us.
The Prize Finder Bingo site was very easy to navigate, the bonuses and promotions are huge, and the bingo prizes are fairly large.   If players are really looking to enter competitions, We think this new bingo site will do well.  Even though it shares the promotions within the LBN, offering players the competitions could just be what makes the difference in the highly competitive market.  They have loads of games available and their Facebook page is very engaging too.  Will this bingo site be the one for you? You will have to go FIND it and see out for yourself.

Find it – Play it – Win it!


New Lucky Socks Bingo Has Launched

New Lucky Socks Bingo Has Launched!

Lucky Socks Bingo is a brand new site, who opened its doors to online bingo players in August 2015. This site is certainly making an impression! This is because they are giving all players who register at their site, a nice crisp £10 note for free. Just register with your card details and get verified, and the £10 will be yours, no deposit is required.

If you don’t have a pair of lucky bingo socks, then don’t worry, because this bingo site is giving all their first time depositing players, a pair for free. Not only will you receive the socks, but if you deposit only £10, you will get another 500% bonus. The rewards don’t stop there, because when you make your second deposit, they give you another 350%, and then another bonus on your third deposit worth 300%!

Lucky Promotions
Don’t worry if you haven’t had a withdrawal at this site, because they give their players the chance to cash out, even if they have lost. The ‘Cash Out’ is based on the player’s losses, and the amount paid is up to 20%.

Lucky Socks Bingo runs a daily raffle; this is for all depositing players who deposit a certain amount on the day. The raffle prizes consist of cash, casino or bonuses.

The Games
There are an abundance of bingo and slot games available. They have 90-ball through to 50-ball bingo. Lucky Socks Bingo also offers Slot games, Scaratchcards and Casino. You will never be lost on game choice at this site, because there are TONS to do and enjoy. Please view the list of games below.
• 90-Ball Bingo
• 80-Ball Bingo
• 75-Ball Bingo
• 30-Ball Bingo
• 50-Ball Bingo
• Slot Games
• Scratch Cards
• Casino Games

Mobile Devices
If you like to play bingo on the move, then this bingo site allow their players to do just that. Just login to your mobile device, with the same details you registered with. Windows phone, iPhone, and Android devices are available.

Withdrawal and Wagering Rules
– The minimum withdrawal amount is £30.00
– Normal processing time is between 3 to 5 working days
– Wagering requirement is, 4X your deposit plus bonus amount
– The wagering required on slots is x10.
– A £10 deposit must have been made before requesting a withdrawal.
– The maximum withdrawal limit is £300.00 per week.
– All bonuses will be forfeited on a withdrawal request.

This bingo site has a good fun and exciting look, The navigation is simple, allowing players to find the games easily. The information is perfectly laid out and is very clear. The colour of the site (Duck Egg) is a natural colour and we think this will appeal to everyone. Communicate with fellow players on Lucky Socks Bingo, via their Facebook page, which looks friendly and engaging. If you like to receive big bonuses, then this might be the bingo site for you! Sign up NOW

Learn the UK Bingo Lingo

Learn The UK Bingo Lingo

The first time a newbie joins an online bingo site it can be very confusing, especially if they have no knowledge of the chat room lingo.   Many online players take it for granted that everyone knows the bingo lingo, but sometimes this is not the case.  Being a newbie isn’t always an easy task, unless someone points them in the direction of the page on the bingo site that will explain this to them.  But don’t worry if no one does point you to the explanation page because you will soon be joining in with the other players because it doesn’t take long to pick it up.

The Chat Room
Just imagine being in the chat room and players are all chatting and saying things like “Wtg” for most they will know that this means Way To Go and this is something that would be said to a bingo winner.  But for the Newbie this could mean anything and the language could look as though it’s foreign to them, in other words Double Dutch!

Lingo Explanations
I am going to explain some of the ‘Lingo’ and I hope this article will assist new bingo players in helping them to understanding what it all means.   I am going to start with the most popular one of all and that is the CM, this simply means Chat Moderator or CH on some sites which means Chat Host.  The CM is the person who will meet and greet you, when you enter the room and if you have any questions be sure to ask them because they have all the knowledge concerning the site and the lingo!

Before, During And After The Game
When the bingo game is about to begin you may see encouraging words like GL from the CM and the roomies.   What this means is Good Luck with your bingo cards.   The game has just begun and you may see players post into the chat room 3tg, 2tg and 1tg, this means they are waiting on 3, 2 or 1 number to win the bingo game.  1tg = One to go and so on.  When the game has been won you may see the CM and the players congratulating the winner(s) by saying either WD (Well Done) or WTG (Way To Go).

Emoticons and Lucky Dust
Many chat rooms have a vast range of emoticons that you can use to add to your messages, from cups of coffee, birthday cake to smiling faces!  You may see the CM or CH throw lucky dust into the chat box just before the game begins, this means he/she is wishing all players good luck for the next round of bingo.

Other Lingo Meanings
There are many other ‘Lingos’ and some include the following; Brb (Be right back) Lol (Laugh out loud), ROFL (Rolling on floor laughing), OMG ( Oh MY God) and TY (Thank you).  If you follow the lingo explanations in this article you won’t go wrong and you will soon be chatting away, making new friends, while playing the all time favourite online game, called BINGO!
Now you’re all set up with the lingo why not check out to find the best newbie rooms to sign up to and get the best welcome bonus offers around!

Gala Bingo Low £5 Deposit Special bonus

Top New Offers From Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo low £5 deposit special bonus offer

£30 Worth of Bingo For Only £5!
Gala Bingo, who are well known within the online gaming industry for their big first time deposit bonuses, amazing TV adverts and luxury promotional games have gone and done it again!

They now offer all new players a nice £25 bonus when they deposit only £5! That’s £30 worth of bingo for only a fiver. This offer is amazing because it allows newbie’s to explore the bingo site, allowing them to get a feel of the games, chat rooms and prizes that are on offer.

Gala Bingo site really appreciate their players’ loyalty and it shows in various ways, but this time they are giving away a Massive £10,000 instead of the normal £8,000. This is an enormous amount of money to give away, especially because it’s free games that are on offer to all NEW players. But yet again this online site is showing just how much they appreciate their customers by giving them the big cash games for ‘Free’.

When you join Gala Bingo for the first time, you will receive instant access to their ‘Newbie’s’ room. This is for the first seven days from the day you registered. The room is a free room and opens four hours per day from 12pm to 2pm and then again from 6pm to 8pm. There are twelve games per hour that will play, giving you free cash and hopefully you will win and boost your bank balance.

Award Winning Bingo Site
This top award winning site has been very busy the past twelve months with all their new promotions and new games but all their hard work has paid off, because they won not one but TWO awards in 2015! Again, this just shows how many online players really do love Gala Bingo. This is more than likely because of a number of things, but the top two reasons has to be the £10,000 worth of free bingo given to all new players and the huge £25 First Time Deposit Bonus that is given when newbie’s make their first deposit of £5 or more.

Gala Bingo, has many well known features such as; 1tg games, BOGOF Bingo, Bingo Linx and Last Chance Saloon games. This bingo site also bring other twists to their customers with Cash Climber jackpots, Windicates, Super Spotlight jackpots and High 5 jackpots too. These great games and massive jackpots give their players even more of a chance to win some serious money because this UK bingo site give out more than any other.

Even though this site has a massive amount of give-aways on offer they are still offering their players a nice 10% cash back on a Monday. All you have to do to claim this super offer is as follows; Opt in and play bingo in the rooms, as long as you have spent at least £5 on bingo cards, you will get 10% back on your losses and this is worth up to £10! This is just another example of the FANTASTIC offers available on a daily basis at Gala Bingo!

Gala really have everything an online bingo site should have to accommodate their players. From the bingo games through to their first time deposit bonuses that are offered to new players, there is pretty much something for everyone on this site. They claim they have over 100K winners every single week and it’s not surprising because most of their bingo rooms are filled with hundreds of players on a daily basis.

We would recommend you claim that £25 FIRST time deposit bonus and £10K Worth of Free Bingo – Just join and deposit only £5 and you will PLAY with £30! Not bad for only a fiver!