Safe and Fair Bingo Courtesy of PlayOJO.

Play Responsibly Online with PlayOJO

In the world of online bingo and slots, the hot topic at the moment is safer and fairer online play.  All operators including PlayOJO are now doing their part to make online gambling as safe and fair as possible.  With various features, from time-out functions, reality checks and self assessments it really is a much safer environment.  These are all great tools to make online gambling not only fun, but controlled, so that bingo players can come back time and again within their limits.

PlayOJO, they are definitely leading the way when it comes to, not only safer, but fairer online play too.  They are renowned for their no-nonsense terms and conditions and plain English welcome bonuses, so the launch of their new player protection tool is an apt addition.   

This new tool is there specifically to help players stay in control of their online spending and is named Safe Mate.  It has been developed alongside behavioural psychologists to enable players to clearly see how much they have deposited and wagered in the past 6 months. 

This is very much akin to the new online bank accounts that show spending habits and the ability to set budgets and pots.  This enables the operator to share the responsibility of safer gambling online with the player. 

These tools are a welcome introduction to the industry and enables players to stay in control, whilst continuing to enjoy bingo and slots safely.  The tool also gives players feedback on their playing habits, whilst also educating them on the signs of problem gambling

Safe Mate is available to all PlayOJO players, both new and existing, and is situated in the player’s account page.  You can view your own risk score and can also set up push notifications to alert of any activity that may be a cause for concern.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for the industry to ensure that everyone continues to play safe and responsibly.

Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner!

Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner!

Sun Bingo - Everyone's a winner

Sun Bingo Promotion – Everyone’s a Winner campaign is back on TV from 21st November to 30th November.  The offer for all new sign ups will be: Deposit £10 play with £40 plus 30 free spins plus win a share of £10k!  Sign up now to get this amazing offer. Click here

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888 Ladies Bingo – Special Promotion – £4k New Years Giveaway

The £4k New Year Getaway from 888 Ladies Bingo!

Happy New Year!  888 Ladies are offering all players the chance to win £4000 on their New Year Getaway Game.  You could get the chance to win a share of £4,000 worth of holiday vouchers in the big New Years day game.  What better way to start the New Year?!

Players can earn free tickets to the £4k New Years giveaway game. For every 500 Getaway points that you gain you will get 1 free ticket.  You can continue to collect tickets until 26th December 2016.  The giveaway game shall be played on Sunday 1st January 2017 and can be won as follows:

  • 1 Line = £750 Holiday Vouchers
  • 2 Lines = £1,250 Holiday Vouchers
  • Full House = £2,000 Holiday Vouchers

Here are ways you can claim free tickets to the £4k New Years giveaway game:

  • 250 points for telling 888 Ladies your new year resolution
  • 100 points if you Email 888 Ladies & describe your dream holiday destination
  • 10 points each time you call bingo on the airplane, cruise ship, or Happy New Year pattern
  • 8 points for every £1 wagered on Bingo games
  • 2 points for every £20 wagered on Instant Games

Make sure you sign up in plenty of time to take advantage of this amazing giveaway.  Check out our 888 Ladies Bingo Review now

Overcome a losing streak playing online bingo

Overcome a losing streak playing online bingo

If you’re an online bingo lover then you are bound to have had this experience at least once.  That is when your winning numbers just don’t come up.   Online bingo is a fun game, but it’s not so much fun when you’re on a losing streak.  Read on, and find out how to overcome this losing feeling…

Take Time Out

If you have been losing time and time again, you will likely get exasperated.  That feeling will eventually take all the fun out of playing the online bingo games.   When you experience disappointment from playing, it’s time to step back.  Try taking a breather and re-think your strategy.

Don’t Think About Your Losses

Try not to think about your losses, and don’t chase them.  Attempt to recover from them, and stay well within your budget.   There is a fairly good chance that you will win your money back, well at least some of it.  So never give up, just take some time away from the game, and hopefully, when you return to playing bingo, your luck may change.

Don’t increase your Budget

When you’re on a losing streak it’s possible that you might want to increase the amount of money that you deposit at an online bingo site.  This is because you may think that you will win your money back, but this is not always the case.

Follow the steps below to increase your chances of winning:

• Play games with fewer players (Higher chance of winning)

• Buy less tickets (This will decrease your chances of winning, but it will stop your budget from decreasing quickly, it only takes one card to win)

• Play Free Games (If you win, then your balance will grow, enabling you to play higher value games)

• Try playing a few jackpot/guaranteed jackpots (Play just a few of these types of games, this will save you spending a fortune, and if you win, then you will be quids in)

• Play a few high value games (If you win playing these types of games, then your balance will be bigger, allowing you to withdraw, or play more games)

There’s Always A Solution

If you stick to the above suggestions, you cannot go wrong.  You may find that your spirit will lift, and the fun factor may come back into playing online bingo.  It’s a well known fact that if you play games with fewer bingo players, your chances of winning at bingo are much higher.

Get To Know Your Buddies

Another tip that will lift your mood if you’re losing at bingo, is to chat with fellow buddies.  Get to know them and have fun!  We are sure you will start winning again, in no time at all.

Have A Cuppa – Enjoy!

If you have been playing at bingo sites for more than two hours and haven’t won anything, step away from playing and have a cuppa and a breather.   Follow our guidelines above on how to win, even when your luck is down, and we are sure you will be jumping off your chair with delight in no time.

Bingo Tips

Never play bingo for hours, if you’re losing.   Never spend more money than you can afford, and most importantly of all, have the best time ever, after all you’re supposed to be having fun!

Check out the bingo sites we’ve listed for you to try and sign up for some new bingo sites today!

bgo Bingo July Mega Deal

bgo Bingo’s July Mega Deal
When it comes to finding an online bingo site that offers only the best bonuses to their members, it’s never an easy task. We have searched the globe and found a few websites that offer some really good rewards, but one website in particular stands out from all the rest, and that’s bgo Bingo. Would you like to hear more? If the answer is yes, then read on…

bgo Bingo offers their players great deals, big cash games, huge jackpots, plus tons of free bingo, and that’s just a few of the treats they have available for their players, because they offer so much more. They have an exclusive promotion that runs for 10 days in July, and you really don’t want to miss it. Please view the details below:

July 10 Day Bonanza Deals
Players who register and make their first deposit with bgo Bingo, will receive these amazing offers.
•5 free spins on ‘When Pigs Fly’ slot game, and no deposit is required
•Plus 20 free spins on popular ‘Starburst’ slot game
•Get 200% bonus when you enter the code: WPF200
•Deposit £20 and get an extra 20 spins
•Deposit £50 get extra spins
•Deposit £100 and get 100 free spins on brand new Netent’s slot game ‘When Pigs Fly
That’s not all because bgo Bingo will drop 180 extra spins on first deposits too!

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!
We think that this is one the best deals out there for the month of July. But the offer only lasts for a limited time, from 21st to the 31st July, 2016. So, if you would like to snap up this great offer, you better grab it now, before it ends.
Good Variety of Games
This online bingo site has a good selection of games available, in fact they have something for everyone. They have 75 ball, 90 ball and lucky numbers, who wants to be millionaire bingo, deal or no deal, joker jackpot, plus tons of slot games.

Free Bingo

There’s also tons of free bingo available for everyone to enjoy. Your first spend on bingo, will open up the exclusive ‘Beginners Luck’ room for seven days worth of bingo. The room opens for newbie’s every day at 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Each game has a £10.00 bonus pot to be won, and it’s absolutely free!

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Online Bingo Site Safety

Online Bingo Site Safety – How to know if an online bingo site is safe!

With so many bingo sites on the market today, it’s never an easy task to make sure that the one you play on is a safe one. But don’t worry, because we are going to explain to you exactly how to detect if you’re bingo home is safe or not. We have compiled a small check list, that will come in very handy when you’re checking to see if you’re in safe hands or not.

1. Check Out the Reviews
First of all, head straight to Google search engine, type in the name of the website you want to check. Example “Bingocams”, hit the enter key, and then a list of reviews should appear, click on them one by one, and read what other players have said about the bingo site. If these reviews are good, then you can find peace of mind knowing that your bingo home is a safe one. But if they are bad reviews, then don’t play at that bingo site, run and don’t go back.

Don’t get me wrong, many online UK bingo sites will receive the odd one or two bad reviews, but if the site you’re checking out has more than 10 bad reviews, then it’s probably not a safe site to play.

2. Regulated License
It’s never easy to find, the Licence details on a website, but if you go to the ‘about me’ page you will find out if the site has a proper licence or not. It’s the law now that all UK online bingo sites must have one. If you can’t find any information on the site regarding this, then don’t spend any money, leave immediately, and never visit that site again.

The good news is that most of the best online bingo sites do have a licence, but you can never be too sure. It’s always best to check, because there is always someone who thinks they can get away with not having one.

3. The Wagering Rules
The wagering requirements is always the one to watch out for, because the rules can be confusing and frustrating for bingo players to understand. We will give you an example of a good wagering rule below, this is so you fully understand the meaning of the wagering required by online bingo sites.

Example of a good wagering condition
•Player deposits £10
•Receives a £20 Bonus – They have £30 to play!
•Wagering requires them to wager 2x their bonus that they received

This means that you only have to bet/play a total of £40, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just buy online bingo tickets, and the more you play, then the closer you will get to meet the wagering condition, and hopefully get a successful withdrawal.

Some online bingo sites require their members to wager their deposit plus bonus funds, which is fine if they’re asking a reasonable request. But watch out for any online bingo site that requires their players to wager more than 7x deposit and bonus, this is way too high, and very hard to achieve.

There are more signs that online bingo players need to check out, regarding any online bingo site, to ensure that it’s a good one to play. We have covered the most important top three tips. If you stick to these then you should have a great online gaming experience and have peace of mind knowing that you’re playing on a n online bingo site that is safe and secure.

Play Safe, Be Secure But Most of all Have Fun!

What Attracts Online Bingo Players?

What Attracts Online Bingo Players To The Game?

When It All Began
Online bingo has been on the go in the UK since around 2002, but in those days there weren’t many bingo sites around. Today there are hundreds of gaming sites that operate in the UK, but the biggest attraction is playing bingo games on a mobile device! Who would have thought this would have ever happened?

Mobile Has Taken Over
If we go back in time, to around 2002, (14 years ago), only the rich and famous owned a decent mobile phone. Nowadays, nearly every single household has them, and people own other mobile devices, including tablets and iPads. There were no clues back in 2002, that mobile bingo was going to take the world by storm.

What Makes Bingo Players Love Online Bingo?
So what is it that attracts bingo players to play online bingo? I will start by explaining how bingo fans used to play the game, then move on to why they prefer to stay at home and play online bingo.

Bingo Halls – The Good Old Classic Way to Play
People used to flock to the bingo halls, where they would meet up with their friends and hope they won the game. Tickets needed to hand marked with a dauber/pen, and if you missed your winning claim, then you lost the winning cash too.

Playing Bingo At Home
Then came along online bingo, then the smoking ban in bingo clubs was introduced. This saw a big decline in how many people attended the bingo halls. People liked to stay at home, and play bingo via their PC/Laptops. This meant they could relax in their Pyjama’s and have the freedom to do whatever they liked, while playing the game.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still many established bingo clubs out there today, but online bingo has certainly had a huge impact on how things used to be in the clubs.

10 Reasons Why People Prefer Online Bingo Sites to Land Based Clubs
1. They don’t have to venture out into the cold
2. People don’t have to dress up, and can relax in their Pyjamas.
3. The electronic online bingo game is automatic.
4. Players will never miss their winning call. If you miss the winning call in a bingo club, then you lose your winnings.
5. The prizes are much bigger, compared to a land based bingo hall
6. Free bingo, and bonuses are given to users. Land based bingo don’t offer these.
7. Bingo players can spend how much money they want, from £5 upwards. The cost of playing in a bingo hall is much higher.
8. People can smoke cigarettes, and eat if they desire to do this, but they couldn’t smoke in a bingo hall.
9. Bingo players can chat and meet fellow users in a chat room. Land based bingo people meet face to face, but some people prefer to just type to fellow members, via a chat box.
10. Online bingo sites offer chat games, where players can win bingo bonuses for free. This isn’t an option when playing in a bingo hall.

If you enjoy going out and playing in a bingo hall, then online bingo wouldn’t be for you. But we know that the majority of players prefer to play online, rather than in a land based club. This is for the reasons mentioned above, and let’s face it, nowadays you can play online bingo on the move and at any time, no matter where you are via a mobile device.

So, why would we want to go out to a bingo club, with today’s technology? Even mature ladies prefer to play the online bingo version, and many have been taught how to work a PC/Laptop/Tablet to enable them to play the game online, that they love called BINGO!

Bingo Free Spin Offers

Free Spin Offers Are On The Rise From Bingo Brands

Are The Free Spin Offers Popular?
Gone are the days when bingo players were offered free bingo bonuses, this reward was normally given for making their first deposit at an online bingo site.  This is known as the welcome bonus.  But nowadays most bingo brands are offering free spins and free bingo bonus, as part of a split bonus package to their members.

But do the majority of players prefer the rewards this way?  Read the true facts below.

Free Spin Offers and Bingo Bonuses
Once players make their first deposit at an online bingo site, many sites are offering free spins on certain popular slot games.  And some sites offer players a free bonus too.  Normally this bonus reward comes in two parts.  Example: Deposit £10 and get £10 Bingo Bonus and 10 Free Spins.

The Best of Both Worlds
Instead of giving players just a bingo bonus, they can have the best of both worlds.  They can play slots and bingo with their free money.  Basically this means if you’re someone who likes bingo and slot games, then you will love this reward.  But what happens to the user who only likes bingo?

The Majority Agreed Free Spin Offers Were Good
Most bingo players also like playing slot games too, this may be because this is where the highest prize money is.  But there are around 30% of bingo members who only ever play bingo.

We did our homework and asked bingo players if they liked the new impressive offers, and the majority agreed it was a better deal, and it was much better than what they used to get, before the free spins were introduced to online gaming.

Temptation would be high

But when we asked the majority of players who only play bingo, they didn’t like the new offers.   They stated that they preferred to play bingo only.  Some users felt that giving players free spins on slots, would only give temptation for players to spend more money on slot games.

Fair and Bigger Bingo Prizes
Before the rise in the free spin offers, bingo players liked the fact that everyone could play bingo only with their bonus money, which meant bigger prized pots, but with the rise in the new spins offers, it means the bingo prizes are smaller than normal.

Play with Bingo Bonus Only
Not all is bad news for bingo players, because members can still play bingo with the free bonus money.   If they don’t like playing slots, there are still some bingo brands on the market that offer bingo bonus money only.  This means players can only play bingo with their bonus funds.
No matter what your preference is a free bonus is still something for nothing.  If you don’t like slots, then just play your bonus money on bingo.  If you’re tempted to try out the slots with your spins, remember to play responsibly.

Slot fans will love the free spin offers, and if they win, then the prize is sure to be higher than the average bingo game prize.  Basically we think the majority of gamers love having the best of both worlds.  Being able to play both types of games has to be a bonus in itself.