Bingo Free Spin Offers

Free Spin Offers Are On The Rise From Bingo Brands

Are The Free Spin Offers Popular?
Gone are the days when bingo players were offered free bingo bonuses, this reward was normally given for making their first deposit at an online bingo site.  This is known as the welcome bonus.  But nowadays most bingo brands are offering free spins and free bingo bonus, as part of a split bonus package to their members.

But do the majority of players prefer the rewards this way?  Read the true facts below.

Free Spin Offers and Bingo Bonuses
Once players make their first deposit at an online bingo site, many sites are offering free spins on certain popular slot games.  And some sites offer players a free bonus too.  Normally this bonus reward comes in two parts.  Example: Deposit £10 and get £10 Bingo Bonus and 10 Free Spins.

The Best of Both Worlds
Instead of giving players just a bingo bonus, they can have the best of both worlds.  They can play slots and bingo with their free money.  Basically this means if you’re someone who likes bingo and slot games, then you will love this reward.  But what happens to the user who only likes bingo?

The Majority Agreed Free Spin Offers Were Good
Most bingo players also like playing slot games too, this may be because this is where the highest prize money is.  But there are around 30% of bingo members who only ever play bingo.

We did our homework and asked bingo players if they liked the new impressive offers, and the majority agreed it was a better deal, and it was much better than what they used to get, before the free spins were introduced to online gaming.

Temptation would be high

But when we asked the majority of players who only play bingo, they didn’t like the new offers.   They stated that they preferred to play bingo only.  Some users felt that giving players free spins on slots, would only give temptation for players to spend more money on slot games.

Fair and Bigger Bingo Prizes
Before the rise in the free spin offers, bingo players liked the fact that everyone could play bingo only with their bonus money, which meant bigger prized pots, but with the rise in the new spins offers, it means the bingo prizes are smaller than normal.

Play with Bingo Bonus Only
Not all is bad news for bingo players, because members can still play bingo with the free bonus money.   If they don’t like playing slots, there are still some bingo brands on the market that offer bingo bonus money only.  This means players can only play bingo with their bonus funds.
No matter what your preference is a free bonus is still something for nothing.  If you don’t like slots, then just play your bonus money on bingo.  If you’re tempted to try out the slots with your spins, remember to play responsibly.

Slot fans will love the free spin offers, and if they win, then the prize is sure to be higher than the average bingo game prize.  Basically we think the majority of gamers love having the best of both worlds.  Being able to play both types of games has to be a bonus in itself.

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